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System Engineering Support

LegalNet leverages broad expertise in systems engineering and deep understanding of CISA's programs and policies to provide tailored support to systems engineering capability development. Unlike other firms, LegalNet has cultivated deep knowledge of CISA's programs, mission, and systems engineering doctrine. We have developed adaptable management processes and tools to promote integration and synergy across the Enterprise. We help manage complex design projects and architectures from concept design to full operational capability.

LegalNet is Fluent in CISA Doctrine and Policy

LegalNet is fluent in CISA systems engineering doctrine, including the Systems Engineering Lifecycle, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution, and Acquisition Management. This allows us to ensure that CISA projects are built for success, from the ground up, in alignment with DHS approach. LegalNet has unique insights into CISA's mission and programs, having supported numerous high-profile programs including NCPS, CDM, and TIC. We use these insights to ensure that projects align with the agency’s strategic trajectory, operational requirements, and stakeholder priorities.

LegalNet Can Manage the Full Systems Engineering Lifecycle

LegalNet has developed cutting-edge processes and tools to help manage the systems engineering life cycle, from initial solution engineering to implementation, operations, and maintenance. From the outset, LegalNet's team of experts can help CISA establish detailed plans with clearly defined objectives, priorities, and resource requirements. We utilize sophisticated, proven methods to define assumptions and scope, identify requirements, and design work plans. Our team can assist with the production of Study Plan Reviews, Solution Engineering Reviews, Project Planning Reviews, and Design Reviews. LegalNet can also assist with capability delivery. Leveraging our technical and strategic expertise, we ensure seamless integration and maximum impact.

LegalNet Delivers

LegalNet specializes in creating solutions for the Federal Government and specifically CISA. LegalNet helps you conceive and manage complex design projects and architectures, from concept design to full operational capability. Other firms may focus on twenty or more industries, working with LegalNet you can rest assured that we are laser focused on CISA and the unique requirements necessary for the success of your missions.

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