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Careers at LegalNet


LegalNet offer employees the opportunity to supplement their existing team members with an outside perspective. Consultants can help organizations streamline operations, increase productivity, build revenue, and make overall functions more efficient across the organization.

A primary reason companies hire consultants is that they may possess in-depth knowledge of a specific industry or issue that the organization has in-house. A seasoned consultant can often devote time and expertise to a project that staff employees just don’t have.

Consultants can also help bring new life to organizations that are stuck, or shift resources to help companies grow or move in a different direction.


A research associate is responsible for assisting the research team, organizing and interpreting findings, and verifying information before presenting the study to the board. Research associates duties also include gathering and comparing data from multiple sources, analyzing the current industry trends, creating draft outlines for reports, collecting individual contacts for interview purposes, and helping with the development of research procedures. A research associate must have excellent time-management skills and ability to multi-task, especially on meeting strict deadlines and conducting studies.

A research associate’s responsibilities can vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. The end purpose of the job, however, is to provide helpful information to the decision-makers. Working at LegalNet as research associate means gathering data from primary and secondary sources; organize and analyze this material, and draft outlines for their superiors.


A communications associate is responsible for assisting with writing and communication projects and tasks within an organization.

They are responsible for planning and implementing communication strategies, overseeing the company’s media promotion, and editing and proofreading communication materials and texts.


As a LegalNet intern, it’s your job to assist your employer with a multitude of tasks. Your duties include conducting research, compiling data, implementing ideas, and helping write papers. You often work closely with other students and interns.

The main qualifications are an interest in the research subject and strong communication skills. You usually need to be enrolled in a relevant degree program at the school to qualify. The short-term goal of a research intern position is to gain academic credit or work experience. The long-term goal is to turn the internship into a career.

Business Operations

Working on LegalNet’s operations team means working with managers and other staff members to ensure that administrative tasks are completed and that the business functions efficiently. This position requires the identification of operational risks and opportunity and providing solutions for the same together with the help of relevant departments.

Business Development

Working on LegalNet’s business development team means setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth. Researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives. Researching prospective accounts in target markets. Pursuing leads and moving them through the sales cycle.

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