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Solutions Design

LegalNet works with CISA to design, implement, and promote network architectures. LegalNet understands the current state and overall trajectory of Federal networks and the intrinsic need for constant realignment based on shifting threats. LegalNet has deep understanding of technical requirements and best practices for implementing resilient network architectures. LegalNet's deep technical expertise and project management experience aids CISA in translating conceptual frameworks into workable designs that are implemented with precision and are designed to be easily upgraded as new threats arise.

LegalNet Understands Government Networks

LegalNet has significant experience working with Federal networks. Our team has supported Federal Network Resilience program initiatives like TIC and CDM. We understand the importance of security-by-design and can help CISA ensure that new architectures prioritize security without sacrificing usability. We ensure that CISA promotes architectures that are scalable and adaptable enough to withstand the test of time.

LegalNet Knows Technical Requirements and Best Practices

LegalNet stays abreast of technical requirements and best practices for implementing resilient network architectures. Our team is fluent in the language of enterprise architecture, with clear understanding of the issues and standards presented in publications such as NIST-800-53, NIST-691, and NIST-200, as well as CISA guidance and industry design standards. We provide technical and project management expertise on best practices for integrated, durable network designs that are scrupulously implemented and maintained.

LegalNet Can Manage Integrated Designs

LegalNet has developed robust solutions engineering management processes to ensure designs are technically sound, analytically useful, and conveyable to both engineers and management. Our team interfaces between technical and managerial components, producing report templates, outlines, visuals, and other high-quality deliverables. We manage and track multiple workstreams to facilitate seamless handoffs and integration.

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