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Performance Management

LegalNet is your partner in collecting, analyzing, and creating actionable plans for utilizing the vast amounts of information needed to manage and maintain your network's performance. We design metrics to provide actionable insights into the performance of information technology, organizational processes, and the personnel responsible for utilizing the technology to ensure mission success. We understand that without the right information, accessed consistently and with exactitude, your organization will not thrive. Our goal is to put CISA in a proactive position because the right metrics are being analyzed and acted upon in real time.

LegalNet Manages IT

LegalNet develops customized solutions to manage your organization's information technology. Our custom tools provide leadership with visibility into CISA's IT performance. We design metrics that generate insights into cybersecurity policies, operational posture, and compliance with DHS requirements. We provide technology asset management, privacy and information-sharing compliance management, and network configuration management.

LegalNet Can Manage the Full Systems Engineering Lifecycle

LegalNet has created adaptable programs to help CISA assess its organizational processes. Our programs go beyond simply implementing standard process improvement activities, focusing instead on complete understanding of CISA's mission, strategy, and customers. Our approach provides a mix of strategic and short-term recommendations for implementation.

LegalNet Manages People

LegalNet can also help manage CISA's unique and dynamic workforce in alignment with DHS policy and requirements, particularly the directives on Cybersecurity Workforce Management Support and Employee Performance Management. To this end, we can help design, validate, and implement workforce evaluation tools to help improve policies.

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