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Education and Training

LegalNet provides leading-edge financial and acquisition support to help CISA secure consistent funding and maximize efficiency amidst expanding operational needs and tightening budgets. LegalNet fully understands the strategic trends that are impacting CISA's budget. We can formulate budget plans that meet current and future needs. We also have expertise in managing acquisitions to ensure compliance and efficiency. Our subject matter expertise includes business, law, technology, and policy, informing our finance and acquisition capabilities with a holistic view on business, strategy, and operations.

LegalNet Understands Budgeting and Policy Trends

LegalNet has extensive experience navigating the Federal Government's budgeting process, which gives us unmatched understanding of the strategic trends impacting CISA's funding. Our policy team constantly monitors legislative and regulatory developments to maintain full situational awareness of the environment to support long-term planning. LegalNet also has knowledge of key stakeholders, both external and internal to CISA, such as executives, program managers, oversight agencies, and legislators. We use this policy analysis to inform customized planning processes to help CISA operationalize its long-term vision

LegalNet is Skilled at Budget Management

LegalNet has the technical and management skills to create budgets to meet decision-maker needs while achieving CISA's mission. We are familiar with DHS's approach to Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution. LegalNet can assist with budget formulation and justification, cost estimation, allocations, and more. We can also help CISA manage its existing budget through our cutting-edge business management processes and tools. Our team can help with tracking funds, accounting, and developing metrics.

LegalNet is Proficient in DHS Acquisition Processes

LegalNet can also provide acquisition management services. Our team has proficient understanding of the Federal Acquisition Rules, the DHS Acquisition Lifecycle Framework, and the DHS Acquisition Review Process. We have experience conducting analysis of alternatives, drafting Statements of Work, and developing proposals. We can help plan and execute acquisitions in a way that ensures regulatory compliance, meets CISA’s operational needs, and anticipates future strategic needs.

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